About the Project


The Responsibility without Blame Project was funded by The Wellcome Trust with some additional help from All Souls College. My work on the Project was supported by Princeton University and The University of Birmingham. I’m grateful to all these institutions. I would also like to thank Scott Lockhart from Saladhouse Animation and Dan Watkins from WR Audio.

Many people volunteered their time to this Project and offered invaluable help and support. Sincere thanks to Keith Arrowsmith, Fiona Blyth, Paul Eames, Don Fineberg, Charles Foster, Kevin Gallagher, Stephen Ginn, Dan Graham, Sally Hope, Tony Hope, Vicki Linton-Smith, Gemma Long, Laura MacKenzie, Debra McKenna, Olivia Packe, Steve Pearce, Ian Phillips and Mark Pritchard.

And very special thanks to Ruth Eames and Stuart Whitelaw.