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By registering you thereby agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. So please read them carefully and contact us before registering if you have any questions or if there is anything you are unsure about.

Our Basic Commitment

The Responsibility without Blame Project is committed to full transparency about how we use your personal data as well as to protecting it. Please rest assured that we do not share your email or any identifying personal information with anyone.

ICO Registration

Hanna Pickard is registered with the ICO as a data collector. The Project’s registration number is ZA307160.

Website Construction

The website is hosted on a dedicated server and uses WordPress and Mailchimp and Google Analytics. We keep security add-ons up-to-date. The website uses cookies only to make it function smoothly and for us to collect general statistics about use, and in no other way.

User Name and Email

We ask you to provide a user name and an email when you register. This allows you to return to the site as many times as you want to access the e-learning or review the modules and your answers.

We send you a maximum of five automatic emails after registration. The first is to inform you that you are successfully registered. The second is to send you a completion certificate when you have finished all the modules. The remainders are requests for follow-up feedback that we send one, four, and eight weeks after you have completed the e-learning.

You can also opt-in to receive emails relating to news about The Project when you register, such as relevant publications or events. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to receive these emails. We will send emails only very occasionally, when we think something may be of genuine interest or importance, and you can opt out at any time.

Your Privacy

Module 1 asks you to provide some very limited personal information, such as your profession and what you hope to get from the e-learning. When you have completed the e-learning, Module 20 asks you to provide some feedback about your experience of it. Hanna Pickard and others involved in The Project read and review the information you provide in these Modules. The point of collecting this information is to see who the e-learning is reaching and how users experience and engage with its content, as well as to get feedback. This helps us improve the site and measure whether or not it is achieving its aim of helping people develop their understanding of Responsibility without Blame. But the information provided is anonymous: it is not linked to your user name and email.

Other Modules in the e-learning ask you to to reflect on your own experience and allow you to write about it in free form text boxes. Neither Hanna Pickard nor anyone else involved in The Project read and review these answers. The opportunity to write about your experience is simply to facilitate your own learning. You can review what you wrote in these free form text boxes at any point via your Profile Page, but we do not read it. There are only two reasons why anyone associated with The Project might access your answers. The first is if there is a technical problem with the site and the developers need to do work on the question forms. In this case, although they might inadvertently see some answers, they will not be reading and reviewing them systematically, and the answers are in any case anonymous: they are not linked to your user name and email. The second is if there is a lawful basis on which we are required to disclose your answers to a third party. Ordinarily, this would never happen.

We will store your personal data and answers for as long as The Responsibility without Blame Project is running. We also make sure it is backed up. You can return to the site at any point to access your answers via your Profile Page. But we cannot promise that The Project will be running indefinitely. If you want to ensure that you have a record of your answers, you must take screen shots of them or alternatively make your own notes as you do the e-learning. Equally, if you want to delete or change your answers in any way, you can do this at any point by accessing them via your Profile Page and doing so.

Your Professional Responsibilities

We take every precaution to secure and protect your data. However you should nonethleless not provide any information which could be used to identify someone towards whom you have a professional responsibility.


Any feedback you provide is anonymous, but we may use quotations from that feedback on the Testimonials Page. If you do not wish any of your feedback to be posted, please say so at the end of the form.

Site Content

The videos on the site contain some mature and sensitive content, including profanity, drugs and alcohol, and violence and self-harm.


All content on the site is the copyright of Hanna Pickard. You may use the content for personal purposes. You may also use the content for teaching purposes provided that it is credited to Hanna Pickard.

Contacting Us

If you contact the Project directly through the Contacts page, then whatever questions you ask or comments you make will be linked to your email and will not be anonymous. We will not, however, share this identifying personal information with anyone.

You may also write to Hanna Pickard at: Professor Hanna Pickard, Department of Philosophy, 281 Gilman Hall, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218, USA.

If you have any questions, please contact us.